Original Guide by Auurium

I would highly recommend you to read the AnimusRo Teamspeak Rules before proceeding, it will help you to stay out of trouble.

TeamSpeak (commonly called 'TS') is an application that allows players to converse with each other over the Internet. Remarkably useful during the War of Emperium and party activities due to its ability to enable fast communication between users, Teamspeak also provides them with a great way of meeting new people and familiarizing themselves with the aRO community. This program is free and easy to use, so why not give it a try?

To start with, download the client according to your computer specs. :
Teamspeak Official Downloads

How to connect

The address is: animusro.com
There is no password and the port is by default (9987), so it's not necessary to set them.

1. To connect to the channel, localize the 'Connections' button in the top menu, and then choose the 'Connect' (Ctrl+S) option.


2. A window like this will appear, set the according address (animusro.com) and your nickname (whatever you want). And click 'Connect'.

Address + Nick + Connect!
Address + Nick + Connect!

3. Congratulations! Now you're connected to the Animus RO TS server. However, there are some specifications made to the channel that you should consider:

Please keep in mind that:

  • If you are idle, you will be automatically kicked after 2 hours of inactivity.
  • If you idle in a Private Talk room, you will be automatically kicked after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • You are forced to use Push-To-Talk in all public channels with the exception of: Dungeon Diver channels, MVP Hunting channels and Private Talk channels.
  • Do NOT PM staff members regarding ticket issues, what they are working on, staff identities etc. The teamspeak server is not the right place to inquire about those things and failure to comply will lead to punishment.

Obtaining a User channel

Players are able to obtain their own channels and become a moderator of their room if you feel like you need your own space for your guild or your party.
All you have to do is send a message to any online GM in TS. If there aren't any online, you can also submit a request ticket including the following information:
- Name of the Channel
- Whether you would like a password on the channel or not ( You do not have to inform them what password you want )
- If you decide not to get a password, you are permitted to get a Sub Channel that is passworded.
- Whether you want the channel to be a permanent channel or a temporary channel (Temporary channels will disappear once everyone inside leaves)

Remember the AnimusRo Teamspeak Rules:
We [The GM Team] reserve the right to remove any channel at any time without explanation.
Possible reasons for removal include ( but are not limited to ):
- Inactivity
- Channel name changed to something obscene or otherwise offensive
- Ban of channel owner


Setting up a hotkey for Push-To-Talk

In case you're not happy with the default hotkey for Push-To-Talk (CTRL), you can change it to the key that suits you best.

1. Go to Settings (Doesn't matters if you're connected to a channel or not) -> Options (Alt+P).
external image ts4l.jpg
2. Go to Hotkeys, select the Push-To-Talk hotkey and click 'Edit'(or double click).

3. Click the button that shows the actual hotkey for the selected action, a window like this will appear. Press the desired key and hit OK on all windows.

Hit Ok!
Hit Ok!

How to connect to two different servers

When you're already connected to a server, you can open tabs to be connected at different servers at the same time, however, you will only be able to talk at one at a time.

1. When you're already connected to a server, open 'Connections' -> 'Connect'.
external image ts8r.jpg

2. Set all the necessary info to connect to the other server. Now, instead of clicking 'Connect' you'll click 'In New Tab', this will let you open two different tabs for each channel. You can not talk in both at the same time.
external image ts9.gif

Enjoy and have fun!